Good lord! Not another post about renewing your tour guide accreditation.

I should be familiar with the drill but I failed to remember it when I needed to renew my tour guide accreditation with the Department of Tourism (DOT) this year.

Here I am again, writing it down to remember the steps and the changes that happened to make it hassle free next year.

  1. Get the NBI clearance first. The process has been shortened when they went online but the waiting period is still the same. The fee is still PHP 115 because it’s a DOT requirement. I needed to come back after a week because there was a “hit” on their records, which could possibly be me again.
  2. While waiting for the NBI clearance, set an appointment with a doctor for them to issue a medical certificate that you’re fit to work as a tour guide.  In my last two visits to the doctor for this requirement, I got my certificate on the same day. It was different this time because the doctor that was assigned to me was thorough. She gave me a huge scare when she found that I seem to have an irregular heartbeat and that further tests were needed to rule out anything serious. Luckily, the results seem to be fine. She told me that I should stop self-medication when I have the flu. There’s a certain type of ingredient in those tablets that’s not good for my heart. I got my certificate on my visit the next day. Thank god. By the way, you can also process your chest X-ray results on your visit to the clinic. This will be required in applying for an Individual Mayor’s Permit.
  3. Secure the necessary documents before applying for an Individual Mayor’s Permit. If you have the following requirements, you can get the document on the same day:
  • Your chest X-ray results to get a health certificate from city hall.
  • 1×1 ID photo for your health certificate.
  • Cedula. You can get this from city hall.
  • NBI clearance or police clearance. To save on costs and time, use your NBI clearance.

I scanned and uploaded the required documents (NBI clearance, medical certificate, and Individual Mayor’s Permit) to the Department of Tourism accreditation website but I had to go to their main office to directly pay for the accreditation fee (PHP 150). The person at the help desk will encode the official receipt number to your online form. After that, you’d have to wait for at least 14 working days for a notification that you need to go back to the DOT main office and pay PHP 30 for the ID and the accreditation certificate.

You have to present your notarized application form and your 1×1 photo first. They will place your picture on the ID card before they stamp the DOT seal on it before lamination. Yes, it’s that technical.

The good thing about renewing my accreditation this year was that the people in the DOT were friendly and helpful. I came to their office today to claim my ID without the printed and notarized application form and my 1×1 photo because I forgot! There were also no reminders on the email notifications they sent.

They were kind enough to tell me to go to the fourth floor to have my application form (that they printed) notarized for PHP 100. I also got lucky to have more copies of my 1×1 photo thanks also to them. Those folks went out of their way to lend me a hand and with that, my profound thanks.

I vow that it won’t happen again and will read this post a year from now.



‘Cause I know what it means to walk along the lonely street of dreams
Here I go again on my own
Goin’ down the only road I’ve ever known





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  1. Hi Bryan! How can I get accredited as a Tour Guide with the DOT?:) Many thanks!

  2. Hi Kristine! Try attending the tour guiding seminar organized by the Department of Tourism. You may call +632.459.5200 to check their schedule. Good luck! :-)

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