Terms & Conditions

Deposit. Clients are requested to make a nonrefundable 50 percent deposit at least a week before the tour date for tours in Manila and Pampanga. For trips in the Ilocos and the Cordilleras, a nonrefundable 50 percent deposit should be made at least two weeks before the tour date. Bank details will be sent through email. Full amount to be settled at the start of the tour.

Cancellation. When the tour is canceled three days before the agreed date, the deposit will serve as the cancellation fee. If the tour is canceled on the day itself, payment is due in full.

Waiver. Client acknowledges that any accident or untoward incident that may happen during the trip will be their sole responsibility and shall free the Tour Guide, personnel, associates and officials from any legal liabilities and damages.

Safety. Activities may be canceled for safety reasons.


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