Seafood, sights, snorkeling and sunsets in El Nido (Part 2)

The Philippines has been a good location spot for movie shoots in the 1970s. The movie Apocalypse Now was filmed in the country and the Coppolas spent a few months here that daughter Sofia learned to sing “Lupang Hinirang”, the Philippine national anthem.

The years after that were different. My country almost has the same problem as Vancouver. It rarely plays itself.

It has been frustrating at times and it doesn’t help hearing fellow Filipinos saying the seemingly innocuous line, “Parang hindi sa Pilipinas.” (Loose translation: It doesn’t look like it’s in the Philippines.). My automatic response to this would be, “Oo naman. Sa bansa natin iyan!” (Yes, it is. It is in our country!).

I’m glad that I’m not alone in enlightening some people. If we want to claim our place in the sun, it must begin with us. El Nido is just one of the many reasons our country is beautiful.

Sights of El Nido

We have the best islands in the world if we go by a Condé Nast Traveler article. Palawan made it to the list but it’s actually the sights of El Nido that come to mind.

El Nido’s rock formations make it stand out among the many islands in the archipelago country. Choose your own island and your own adventure.

One can take an outrigger boat to explore El Nido’s hidden beaches, coves and lagoons.
Have a hearty lunch of grilled squid rings, pork and fish and slices of fruits and cucumbers . Rice is a must to complete this dining experience.
Stay in an island for a day and swim in the beach.
Use your imagination when looking at these rock formations that were made thousands of years ago. I call this one the Iron Throne.
Have a drink with friends while waiting for the day to end.
Stay, read a book and just relax.

One can join a group to take boat expeditions around the Bacuit archipelago by booking tours in town but if one has extra cash and value some level of flexibility and privacy, I suggest booking an exclusive boat.

If it’s something unconventional, there’s also an option of spending nights in the sea by staying in a floating hotel, the only one in El Nido.

The options seem to be wide as long as you have a boat to take you to these places. :-)