Sagada by air

Last week, I assisted some guests in Sagada. It only took two hours to get there instead of the usual 10-hour trip. Oh yeah, we rode a helicopter! :-)

The group was preparing an incentive trip for their sales force. We landed on a baseball field near the St. Mary the Virgin Church. We tried to make use of the limited time we had. Our first stop was the view deck to see the hanging coffins and then we went to see more coffins at the entrance of the Lumiang Cave.

We stopped by Masferré’s Inn, had a quick tour of the Ganduyan Museum nearby, had a short chat with Mrs. Masferré who opened her house just for us, and headed off to St. Joseph’s Inn for lunch.

Our group left at 12:30 p.m. The pilot insisted that we fly soon before the thick clouds prevent us from taking off. We landed on San Fernando, La Union to refuel before flying back to Manila.

Here are some photos of that day. Enjoy!

My view behind two pilots
Three guests rode the lead helicopter. This was my view from the back.
Aerial view of Bulacan
Bulacan at over 3,600 feet. Up, up and away.
Lingayen Gulf from above
Lingayen Gulf. I never thought that I’d see it from this point.
Some of the rice terraces in the Philippine Cordilleras
We flew over the rice terraces of Batad, Hapao and Bangaan. We had to skip Banaue because of the thick clouds.
About to land in Sagada. I really missed this place.
Landed on a baseball field
The widest space near the town proper is the baseball field.
Leaving on a helicopter
Time to fly. We need to leave Sagada before the thick clouds come in.
Before leaving Sagada
A candid shot before leaving.
The lahar flow somewhere near Mount Pinatubo
The lahar flow somewhere near Mount Pinatubo. On our way back to Manila, we tried to take a look at the crater but again, the thick clouds made us skip it.
I keep coming back to Manila. The port and the city that I still pull for.


Believe it or not I’m walking on air
I never thought I could feel so free
Flying away on a wing and a prayer, who could it be?
Believe it or not it’s just me

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  1. Hi Yna, the travel agency that I worked for this tour booked the helicopter ride. Let me know if you want to have their contact details. Thanks!

  2. Hi Zen,

    I can give you the contact details of the travel agency that booked the helicopter. Just let me know so I can send it to you by email. As for the guide’s fees, I charge P5,000 (NET) for a whole day tour. Hope this helps! Thanks :-)

  3. What is the contact detail of the travel agency? Please share it with us. It’s a for a cancer patient who can’t travel by land and would like to visit Sagada.

  4. Hi Vanessa,

    You may contact Ms. Raquel Cadacio of Intas Destinations. This is her email: raquelvalle(at)intasdestinations(dot)ph and mobile: +63917.891.4120

    Hope this helps :-)

  5. Try to reach Intas Destinations to arrange a helicopter ride for your group. Please call +632.772.3312 and look for Terso Pulvera.

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